Projects Under Development

21st & N Street
Telegraph District

The Telegraph District is an exciting new redevelopment project located on the eastern edge of downtown Lincoln. The project revitalizes the industrial elements of the former Lincoln Telephone & Telegraph campus. As a new home for Nelnet & Allo Communications, this will stimulate an active mixed-use urban neighborhood. The addition of restaurant, retail, office, and unique housing opportunities will be offered throughout the area. Through a partnership between Speedway Properties and Nelnet the Telegraph District will deliver a vibrant work-live environment. For more information regarding this development, please visit the website:

Canopy Row
S Canopy & N Street

The Canopy Row development has yet to break ground but will begin in April of 2017. This development will wrap around the Lumberworks Garage in the South Haymarket. Tentatively located at Canopy and N Streets, this building will include a full service grocery store, more than 50 apartments, over 10,000 square feet of office, and first level retail. This project is working on being finished by the fall of 2018..

Block 54
9th & O Street

The Block 54 development will become a signature piece to Lincoln’s downtown. Standing between 15 and 17 stories this building will contain 52 privately owned condominiums, 200 jointly branded hotel rooms, over 250 parking stalls, a corner restaurant, a roof top pavilion, and much more. Demolition has already begun on the block and construction is set to begin in the spring of 2017.